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Application Form / How to apply
[Image: UmnQQGi.png]
We take the well-being of our current players seriously and so we have some rules for you to read and agree to before you will be accepted and added to our community. 
  1. No x-ray, flying, speedhacking, airbuilding or likewise hacks.
  2. Behave respectfully towards others.
  3. Do not break any blocks placed by others.
  4. Do not modify blocks or harm animals on others property.
  5. You are free to build in the wild, away from other builds.
  6. You may only build in a town with permission from the founder.
  7. Keep no more than 75 mobs/animals in one area.

When you fill out the application include ‘bspd’ in the ‘Did you read the rules’ section
[Image: YhBYkt9.png]
[Image: DXp5rmW.png]
In order to help ensure that you'll be a great fit to our family we ask that you provide the following basic information about yourself and complete any five of the following questions: If you have read the rules then type bsqd into the I agree with the rules field of the application. 

---This section is required---
  • IGN:
  • Age:
  • Have you ever been banned?:
  • What motivated you into joining our server rather than another?:
  • Tell us about yourself, what are your hobbies, favorite movies, games, etc.:
  • I agree with the rules (Y/N):

---Choose any five of the following questions---
  1. How many game modes are available in Minecraft? List them.
  2. Which player-spawnable mob do you think should be forbidden in the overworld? Why?
  3. Sith or Jedi? Why?
  4. List all of the ingredients for a Potion of Water Breathing + (8:00).
  5. What are the ingredients for Rabbit Stew?
  6. Tell us about your relationship with Herobrine.
  7. In your travels on the server you find that a player has constructed a large swastika, what are your thoughts on this?
  8. What is rule #5?
  9. What would you do or say if another member started talking about politics or religion in a way that offended you?
  10. You accidentally break another player's build while mining, what do you do?
  11. Tell us about a build that you are proud of.
  12. You're driving down a long dark road and suddenly see the Ban Hammer in the rear view mirror, what do you do?

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This is the official forum for the Vanilla Craft Minecraft SMP multiplayer server.

You do not have to be an active player to chat with us here but please be respectful toward our community and server -- Heck, you should probably just come and play with us too!