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[Info] Builds coordinates
Hi everyone! As the map is comming towards it's end I decided to make a list with the coordinates to all the builds on the map. For the last 2 weeks I was "flying" (gliding) with the elytra around the whole map and marking the locations in an excel file - now im surely the servers record holder for elytra use (just short of 1500km) Tongue. Anyway, to make it short, the file is in the attachment.

Hope you'll find it usefull.

PS: The coordinates may be off by some blocks because I rounded them up, but you sure should be able to se it from the exact possition. Smile
PPS: The styling of the sheet may look funny, since its made in LibreOffice calc, not in Microsoft Office Excel - sorry for that Tongue

Attached Files
.xlsx   VanillaCraft homes.xlsx (Size: 69.25 KB / Downloads: 8)
Hey Pako.. I imported this in to Google Docs as promised Smile

Feel free to comment on the file etc.. Let me know if you have trouble viewing.
Ooh! We could do that for the current map (2017)! I think that might be a good idea.
Oh yeah, forgot about it. I'll be making another one for this map as well Big Grin

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