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[Resource] Red Sand?
It's well known that we have a sand quarry so that we don't destroy our deserts, but for those of us who like to use red sandstone, we don't have the same luxury with our mesas. Mesas, in my opinion, are some of the most beautiful biomes in the game (I might have a bias towards the American Southwest), and I would like to see them better preserved while retaining our ability to use materials from the biome. Would there be any interest in either a seperate red sand quarry, or an extra button at the sand quarry for red sand instead of normal sand? Vote in the poll above to see what should be done, if anything. Thank y'all!

- Wheat
Yeah, I as well do think a red sand one would be cool to have, as it's much rarer than the regular one. If it happens, I'd (personally) go for a separate one in maybe a mesa biome, so that it would go nicely with the environment. Smile
I think another quarry would be nice, just make sure the ops are aware of this. dont think it would go down too well if we start demanding another quarry.
Yeah I agree with Pako, seperate quarry in a mesa Smile

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