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[Info] VC's Rules
Core Rules
These rules are the core rule set of the server. 
Breaking these rules will result in a permanent ban.
  1. No Cheating or Cheat Mods/Plugins - Including, but not limited to, x-raying (mods, texture packs or devices), speedhacks, flying or other mods that alter the mechanics of Vanilla Minecraft.
  2. No Vulgar Language - this includes any racial, gender or sexual slurs, or suggestive speech. - This extends to naming items with inappropriate words, putting them on signs or anywhere else on the server.
  3. No Griefing - this includes breaking or changing any block, mob, item, or animal on or under any player's property - including mining under their land. Property lines extend from bedrock to the maximum building limit.
  4. No Block Duplication - this includes any form of block duplicating machines. - The only two exceptions are cobble/smooth stone and obsidian generators.
  5. Banned Player Items - no purchasing, trading or otherwise obtaining any items, equipment or blocks from players who have been banned. All banned player items will be destroyed without exception.
  6. No AFK farming - AFK farming renders a server lifeless and offers players with the ablity to AFK an unfair advantage. Any AFK machine found (such as an AFK fisher) will be destroyed without prior notice to the player. If you build a machine to get around the auto-AFK kicker, you will be warned and banned for 3 days. Further AFK offences will result in a perma-ban.
Server Etiquette and Guidelines
The following is a set of guidelines to help you play nicely, fairly and with respect to the other players on the server.
Please look them over and ask if you have any questions.
Frequent flouting of these guidlines will earn you formal warnings. Warnings can then become a ban for further offences.
  1. Mob Limits - Mobs are not to exceed 75 mobs within a 128 x 128 area. This includes any XP farms and spawn grinders.  Anything not setup as an auto-kill will require an on/off switch, which is to remain off unless you are using the farm.
  2. Excessive Raiding of Generated Structures - Take what you need from Villages, End Cities, Nether Fortresses, etc. but do not raid to excess. This includes raiding multiple structures in a single run and taking things just to sell them on for profit.  Remember that there are other players on the server and they have a right to find these items without unreasonable difficulty.
  3. Wilderness Protection Act - Please replant trees you chop down in the wilderness. Breed animals in the wilderness that you want to kill. - This is to ensure other players will have the same needed resources.
  4. Large Tree Protection Act - No chopping down large trees, such as giant oak or jungle trees that are within normal render distance of another player's property or builds.
  5. Strongholds - strongholds are public property but may be claimed so long as players can gain access to the end portal without obstruction, ie. behind walls or locked doors.  All resources within a stronghold may be mined except the end portal.
  6. City/Town Building - before building within a player owned/created city/town, authorization must be granted by the city/town owner or any co-owners
  7. Spawn Town - all players are allowed to claim one shop plot. Building outside of the shopping area is allowed but requires permission granted by an Op.
  8. Building In The Wilderness - do not build within normal render distance (128 blocks) of any other player's builds or claimed land without permission from the owner.  When in doubt, ask an OP to survey the land for you.
General Chat Guidelines
  1. OP's reserve the right to stop any conversation in general chat if they deem it to be potentially offensive, especially political and religious discussions.
  2. Posting Links - please ask an OP before posting any links, unless it is specifically MineCraft related and non-offensive.
  3. Respect Other Players - respect all players at all times, including their opinions and beliefs.  Disagreement is fine if done in a respectful and polite manner.  No insults if they have a different opinion on anything.
  4. Respect The Server - we are all here to have fun and enjoy VanillaCraft  Please keep in mind that this is ONLY a game and not to take things too personally.
We have updated these for the Decemeber 2017 reset, please read and make sure you understand the rules Smile
bspd  /smile

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