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hopper string swap
so this happened in my base:

​bit of background. have a layer of carpets at the entrances to my towers, supported by string. turned around earlier and noticed all the string at one entrance had been swapped with hoppers.

i feel an op may be messing with me, so i thought i would spread the humour. if its a bug, its a weird one and thought i would spread the humour
That is weird! Remind me or ask anoyth op to take a look at it when youre on next Smile
will do
annnd the hoppers are gone, so cant show anyone.
This is a bug with string. I've had mine turn into torches, levers, etc. on other servers. There's a bug on the MC JIRA about it somewhere, but I can't find it at the moment.
the string does disappear on me at times, others can see it, never turned into other items before, and strange it was jsut that bit
so the string has turned into redstone repeaters now (view album in first post), I don't even know

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