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I am Wheat
Hola! you'll hear me say often on the server. I am Wheatley36, but just call me Wheat. Or Wheatly (as annoyed as I get with it, it's just a stupid game, ain't nothing to get fussy over). I Found Minecraft a little later than most, starting in May 2013, about a month before Release 1.6.1 came out. Yay Horses!

It wasn't long afterwards I found this server. I forgot who invited me to play, back at the oh so cringey age of 15, but I'm glad I found this server pretty early on, starting on January 8, 2014 with the either the second or third map (someone clarify that, if they can). I went straight for a mesa about 19000 blocks from spawn (we had really big maps then) and built me a quaint ranch house and founded the town of Yuma (named for Yuma, Arizona, which, of course, I've never been to XD). In fact, you can actually go back and see the town! It's somewhere on YouTube, but be prepared for a soprano-voiced male-child for 44 minutes. (Shut up water! I don't care!)

Since then, I founded another town, Wheaton, for which I was the namesake, and after that map, I kinda fell away from the server for a little bit, due to the building demands of high school (I was a senior at the end of the 4th or 5th map), but when I learned of the reset in October 2016, I rejoined and got to work on my most recent base in the jungle under the mesa (I can't seen to get away from those... Must be something with my place of birth...)

In real life, I am a student in the great state of Texas, where I plan to live post-college, but this is still a completely fluid plan. I'll live where I need to. Prior to living in Texas, I lived in Georgia (US) for 17 years, and prior to that I lived in Utah for about 14 months starting the day I was born. I've travelled to 25 to 27 states, depending on if you count DC and if I've actually been to Arizona, which I believe I have, but I don't really know. I was too young (>.<). I have never left the US, but I definitely want to go visit several foreign nations like France (so cliché), Germany, Sweden, Israel, India, Taiwan (which is only sort of a country), japan, Australia, and New Zealand, to name some.

Other than that, I'll be around from time to time. Definitely check out my base if you can, it'll soon have an epic addition!

- Wheat

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