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Southwestern Style Suburban House
[attachment=17][attachment=17]I'm currently designing the layout and overall feel of a southwestern-style house that will soon be on the large island (the Southwestern one XD) of my jungle archipelago. My block choice may be... controversial, using a mixture of oak planks, smooth sandstone, red sandstone, bricks, trapdoors, quartz, and prismarine bricks. PRISMARINE BRICKS!? Yes. I know. Controversial. But using the Modern HD texture pack, the block looks so much nicer, thus I wanted to incorporate into the build. It's not a lot, so no need to panic. Here's some pictures of what it looks like now. Any other ideas you have I'm more than happy to hear them. I want this to look good. Real good. 

Also, don't mind the numerous torches and ocelots. Still in development, and I made a mistake by making it a jungle superflat...

The first three images are of the exterior. The first is of the front, the second the left face, the third is the back, which has yet to be built in full.

The next two are of interior rooms, the fourth is the entrance hall, the fifth the stairs.

Two photos are missing, but one is of the back side of the stairs, and the last one is of the porch.

- Wheat

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This is looking sweet! I like this style but im not very good at it so I cant offer any suggestions for you. Just keep up the good work Big Grin

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