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With Trepedation
I admit I start with some trepedation. I am slow to meet new people, but I usually end up liking most of the individuals I come across. Still, my husband and I are looking for a public server to play on, so here goes.

IGN: lady_aliah, I think. I don't actually know how to check. :-(
Age: 37
Have you ever been banned?: No. However, I've also never played on a public server, so that's hardly a recommendation of character.
What motivated you into joining our server rather than another?: The thought put into the rules posted speaks of experience running a server, the few replies on this forum speak to how much chat goes on on the server and that there is no requirement to post here (for which I have no time, honestly), the grammar and spelling are at collegiate level, and the game mode is in line with my desire.
Tell us about yourself, what are your hobbies, favorite movies, games, etc.: When I tell face-to-face people about my life, they typically think I am insanely busy, although it doesn't feel that way to me. I am a full-time mom to two teenagers. I work at least 40 hours a week outside the home for real-life money. I work ocassionally (hopefully more and more over time) as a part owner and officer for a construction company they started some years ago. In my spare time (which is not every night, honestly), I game. I have been playing Destiny (looking forward to D2) and Minecraft on PS4, but miss PC Minecraft. With my hubby out of town a lot now, playing together on a server is one of the ways we'll be keeping in touch.
I agree with the rules (Y/N):bspd (did I get that right? I meant to say I read them and agree with them. They're very common sense and keep everyone in mind of the spirit of playing together.)
  1. Which player-spawnable mob do you think should be forbidden in the overworld? Why?
    1. I hate the idea of the wither. I've only seen it once, in creative, and it was just impossible. We spawned a whole bunch of gasts to try to help, but it just rose into the sky and disappeared until it killed them all. If someone spawns a wither on this server, I hope it's maps and maps away from me!
  2. Sith or Jedi? Why?
    1. Jedi. I'm so very Justice/Right/Responsibility oriented that the idea of someone using their powers in any but the way that long-term benefits the most people just makes me shiver. As a real life example, I may soon unfortunately be changing jobs because my current employer has twice in as many months asked me to accept documentation that is not acceptable from the state's perspective. I am fiercely loyal, but not blindly loyal, and will not be put in an ethical quandry. I did not do what they requested because my boss understood and did it, but the entire situation is abhorrent to me.
  3. In your travels on the server you find that a player has constructed a large swastika, what are your thoughts on this?
    1. My first thought is sorrow. I associate the swastika with a horrible time in German history when a charismatic Austrian convinced, connived, hid, swindled, and manipulated his way into murdering a great many Jews. As a human being, the murder of anyone for prejudice is wrong. As a Christian, I believe that God's people should be supported against all comers. I am sad for those that died horribly, for their families, for the people forced to carry out the mass murders, for their families, and for all the soldiers that had no idea what was going on.
    2. My second thought is a sorrow and concern for the person who put the swastika on the server. What is their background? What are their thoughts? Is it part of a general design on pivotal points in history? Is the person a troll (unlikely, considering this questionaire)? Where did the desire to create this design come from?
    3. My third thought would really be a repeat, back and forth, of the above two, which would lead to a reluctant decision to let a moderator know. My past experience with some people when you ask them about a controversial symbol like that would be anger, defensiveness, and insults. It's best dealt with by someone in authority, who could then make a call. After all, I can walk away and go to a different part of the map.
  4. What would you do or say if another member started talking about politics or religion in a way that offended you?
    1. I'm pretty sure I don't have any business getting offended. However, I have found that I am sometimes angry or feeling a bit heated about something in a way that surprises me. When that happens, I typically stop participating in the conversation. It's not typically a rude withdrawal. I would usually revert to shorter sentences in order to hide my feelings while I try to cool down and see things a different way. If that doesn't work, then I would find a way to eventually stop responding (hopefully in a natural way). I would continue to read the conversation, but would need to calm down before I could continue.
  5. You accidentally break another player's build while mining, what do you do?
    1. Freak out.
    2. Put it back.
    3. If I got any resources I couldn't put back (emerald, diamond, coal), put those in a chest in the opening I created.
    4. Message them in game and in the forum board to let them know, tell them where the resources are, and (if the damage is bad enough) offer to repair the damage under their supervision.
    5. Offer reparations, if needed (additional resources or labor to make up for the inconvenience). This might be paying back resources mined doubley, or getting a pick-axe/shovel/shears (with silk touch, if necessary), to precisely correct the damage.
    6. Wonder what in the world I was doing so close to someone else's build that I might damage it, since I prefer the far-out wilderness.
  6. Tell us about a build that you are proud of.
    1. I'm answering a bonus question because I actually do have a build that I'm proud of. It's totally not fantastic or epic or anything like that. The only thing it has is functionality and a scientific execution. My husband and I had realms once, and I spent a lot of time on a mining sample. I had a tunnel that went down in measured sections for a measured number of steps. From each landing, there was one long tunnel that contained another 10 tunnels branching forward. Each 10 tunnells went forward for 25 blocks. Whatever I mined up when to a chest back at the landing. In this manner, we sampled the ores available at each level, and were able to go directly to that level if we needed more of the same. I realize we could have looked it up, but I usually (usually) prefer finding out for myself.
Hi lady_aliah,

Thanks for your application. It's one of the most well thought out forms I've read Smile I can add you to the whitelist and now but I'm currently at work so wont be around until later. One of the other OPs should be around to help you later today if you get online before me. We also have Discord and the forum here if you need to ask any questions if we're not in-game to help.

Looking forward to seeing you in-game soon!
~munky Smile

PS. You can find the Discord link in-game by typing '/links' in to chat
Thanks. :-) Obviously, I wasn't here straight away. It was late my night when I filled that out. I'll pop in pretty much right away, after I read more on this forum.

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