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Problem accessing server
I am hoping someone can help with this. I don't know if perhaps I'm running the wrong version of Minecraft? I have 1.12.1, so I don't see a problem, but this (attached) is what I see when I pull up the server. Perhaps I haven't been approved? I don't mind waiting, of course, but I do want to make sure that the problem isn't on my end.

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The server is currently running on 1.12, that's why you can't log in
So I'm running .1 ahead. Ok, thanks. :-) I'll do some more research on how to back up a point.
Go into the menu, which is the 3 horizontal lines in the upper right. It will open up a menu bar and you will choose "Launch Options". From there, choose the profile you want to edit. You can also create a new one and call it "VanillaCraft" like I did Smile

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