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Quarry Suggestion: Gravel
Quarries have always existed on the server to serve two goals.
1. Ease of access to certain high demand blocks.
2. Preservation of biomes with said blocks.

On this current world, there is the sand quarry and the clay quarry.  Sand is smelted into glass, and the clay is used to craft clay (terracotta).  Both glass and clay are used for all kinds of builds, and are therefore in very high demand.  Additionally, without the quarries, deserts and mesas would be absolutely wrecked due to large scale terraforming.

Recently, the 1.12 update has added new blocks, concrete and concrete powder.  Personally, I like the concrete blocks better than clay because clay has always had weird coloration (cyan literally looks like dark grey), whereas the new concrete blocks have better colors.  Therefore, I believe that concrete, and by extension concrete powder, will be in high demand, if it isn't already.  

Concrete powder requires gravel to craft.  Gathering gravel, while relatively simple, can be a real hassle.  Rivers and oceans, where gravel is arguably most abundant, is annoying to gather because its underwater.  Without gear such as water breathing potions, depth strider, and aqua affinity, mining underwater is a big nuisance, and much slower than mining on land.  Gravel can also be found in small and large patches in mountains, but harvesting them will ruin the aesthetic of the biomes due to terraforming.  Finally, gravel can be found underground, but looking under the surface for the occasional patch of gravel is inefficient.

In light of all this, I propose to the OPs that a gravel quarry be constructed for the use of all on the server.  Gravel would be reasonable for a quarry because it fits the two constraints I listed above.  Gravel is used in the construction process for concrete, which can be used for a vast number of colorful builds and therefore have a high demand.  In fact, the demand will probably be equal to that of glass and clay, which already have related quarries.  And the mining of gravel in the open world would make mountain biomes look ugly, and is just a hassle overall.

As for where this new gravel quarry could be located, a mountain biome seems like a suitable location.  The surface of an ocean could also be an option if mountain biomes are occupied by player bases.  Or if Dae feels up to it, it could also be under the sea.  He does love his underwater builds.

So there you have it.  I hope I have made a suitable case.  Thank you for your consideration!
Magic Dinosaur
Normally I prefer to keep as much challenge in the game as possible but you've made a good argument and obviously put a lot of effort into this post. You have my vote for that reason alone. We'll see who else chimes in though.
Sounds like a good idea

​i think an underwater/shore build might be better, for underwater could have a diving bell vibe to it

​if you went mountain, how doable would it be to have it angled, so that it looks like you are digging away at a scree slope?
I think a gravel quarry is a little less necessary than the others. The main source of gravel is the bottom of deep ocean biomes, meaning there's a LOT of it and it's not particularly unsightly if someone where to go grab, say, several inventories worth of it.

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