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[Help] Ender ender maybe partially broken
Was using the ender ender last night and noticed that half (left side) of the collection system under the endermen was collecting the pearls that were dropping. they kept sitting on the surface and none appeared in the chests to the side (had cleared out both chests at the bottom to make sure I didn't miss an ender head).

could be nothing, could just be the pearls were falling on the edges of the hoppers, or could be that the left side is bunged up on pearls but not sure where the chokepoint is.

just to let you know, also wasn't sure where to put this so hoping I got the right place Smile
Thanks for reporting, I'll check it out Smile
The left side had some messed up redstone. Thanks for reporting again. Now it works again as it should Smile
do endermen drop heads and if so what happens to them? I have killed a decent few endermen there but never seen head drops (just checked im at 6788 endermen kills)

are they unfathomably rare or am i missing something? lol
probably been like that since resetting the end ! woops, i did test it.. weird

Yes Endermen do drop heads and yes they are suuuuuuuper rare.. a little too rare. We are probably going to be adjusting some of the drop rates sometime soon.

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