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Asynchronous ethonian clock - finally!!!
So, today - after many hours of planning in a creative world - I finally managed to create an asynchronous ethonian clock. A normal clock works using two hoppers that just spew their contents to each other. When one is full it sets a redstone signal and once it's empty the signal goes off. The problem is the time for off and on are always the same and this didn't fit my use case.

I was building a squid farm and so I wanted water to be on for a long time, but turn off briefly every so often. Using a normal hopper clock the water would be off as much as it was on, but I wanted water to be on for a long time to give squid a chance to spawn.

After a lot of head scratching I came up with the idea of using a minecart with a detector rail. When the clock triggers it sends off the minecart, which trips the detector rail and turns the water off. It then goes on a nice little journey before returning back over the same detector rail and turning the water back on.

Below is an image of my solution (all be it in my test world and so it's a little messy). It seemed a bit of a crazy way to do this, but it works. I'm sure there must be a better way and so I'd love to hear of anyone one else who has had this use case and managed to solve it.

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Haha awesome. There have been a few times in the past where I could have used this! Nice one Evil (thumbs up emoji!!)

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