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Hello Boys, I'm Back
it was more to finish it for other people if they stumbled over my base
humm iwonder if there is some wider solution to this.. leave it with me and ill see if i can think of something
it is also the fact i am unlikely to go back onto the map to work on it, maybe revisit some things
we can make a schematic of the build for you to import in to a world you do play?
thanks for the offer munky but a few problems

1. its quite big, you can see it from max zoom out of the map

​2. each completed tower has farms in/on it so to do the schematic those would have to get stripped out before hand which would leave quite empty shells.

3. fancy doing something new for the new map, something in the air, maybe a space port (if people want to suggest ships for me to try and build, currently looking at small fighters at the moment but might do some larger ones if they are popular)
out of curiosity, which game version are we going to be starting with on the new map?
1.12.2 Still no other, newer version and we don't do snapshots. But we will update to a newer one as always once it comes out and every "spinkle" is updated as well Smile
fair enough, last i played on the server it was just 1.12, so do i need to update to get on the server now?

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