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VC playthrough
If nothing else, did you think of having a tour around spawn?
Spawn building, museum, Christmas tree (which might or might not get cut down in the very near future), nacho duck pond, OP shop, marketplace and the heritage/epic builds (so far only Turtles mushroom house and the waterwall).
I apologize though if you already did cover those things before, only watched episode 1 - will do episode 2 soon! Big Grin

I personally wouldn't mind if you would show my and Chef's place, but honestly, we don't have much to show yet - at least nothing looks aesthetically nice.
Feel free to poke around my base Smile
did do a proper tour in ep 2 of spawn, and did revisit it last episode. might revisit it periodically to see how things grow there.

dont worry about not having much yet, it can be a quick "hi, wow big cleared out area, will be back later to see what happens"
Next episode coming out tonight at 6pm GMT.

Did something a bit different for this one, let me know what you think.


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