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New AFK/Bed settings?
In response to recent issues with afk nagging to pass the night, I have come up with a potential solution that allows us to still pass the night without all the nagging.

My idea is as follows:
1. Disable the /afk command for players to use.
2. Leave the afk timer in place to prevent lag.
3. Allow players to pass the night by:
    a. Establishing a sleep counter that has the following parameters (excludes players in the Nether and OPs):
        i. When two or fewer players are on, only one player has to sleep in order for night to pass.
        ii. When three or greater players are on, a significant majority of players (2/3 or greater) must sleep in a bed for night to pass.

Implementing this plan will have two positive effects:
1. Conflicts between players will be reduced over passing the night due to mob hoardes and other surface issues.
2. Because of the new mob expected to be released in MC 1.14, players will already be used to the sleeping plan.

Above is a poll where y'all can vote on these ideas, whether you like them or would rather not. I hope this will help continue to foster a strong community here on the VC server.

Thanks for the great writeup Wheatley, it's well thought out and you've come up with some interesting options.

I'd like to make a few of points though...
   - Night is an integral part of Minecraft gameplay. Facing the dangers that night brings, crafting ways to avoid them and taking advantage of the mob spawning opportunities are a pivotal point of the game.
   - Forcfully taking that gameplay away from players is a drastic measure. Players should never be forced into anything if we can avoid it, especially merely for the convienience of others. 

Personally skipping night feels profoundly cheaty to me and goes against what I believe is one of the core objectives of Vanilla Craft, hard-survival game play.  If it weren't for the fact that it is an option in SP worlds I'd want to remove it entirely. I'd love to hear some other opinions here as well. 

Lets be clear though, polite requests are fine but nagging and harassment will not be tolerated for any reason.
I remember getting my ass handed to me by mobs a lot on the last map, especially during night. (I was never able to adapt to the new combat system.) Despite that, I still think night shouldn't be bypassed via afk. Gameplay reasons aside, with a multiplayer server there will always be people that do things at night. Slimes only come out at night, as do endermen and every other mob. Night is also helpful when someone is lighting up their land. Therefore, night is an asset, and people shouldn't have an asset taken away just so someone can avoid dying by mobs. I perfectly understand that dying to mobs every five minutes sucks, I've been there, but ultimately I think its a matter of making do. Plus the server is meant to have an element of challenge. If it wasn't, the difficulty wouldn't be locked on hard.

The afk command isn't really necessary with the presence of an afk timer, so afk night skip might as well be removed. Of course, that's just my opinion.
Magic Dinosaur
I too, appreciate your proposal and write-up, Wheatly, but I've always felt that /afk night-skips should only ever be unanimous.  Moreover, skipping the night is privilage, whereas using the night for whatever (hunting, aid in torch placement, whatever) is a right afforded by the game's design.

If only one player out of twenty needs the night for slime-hunting or whatever, then that player is entitled to that night period, and it shouldn't be taken away from them.  However, if everyone agrees that any particular night could be skipped, then they may do so, but it's not something guaranteed to them.

Nonetheless, I appreciate you making your proposal.  I encourage you (and others) to do the same if/when the inspiration strikes you Smile
I am pretty terrible at reading game-chat when I am concentrating, which means I often miss requests for AFK to pass the night. That said, I am pretty much with Owl on this in so far as night is an integeral part of the game and whilst I will always try to oblige I am often the unwitting participant in ignoring requests for AFK. For that, I am sorry if I've caused any upset. I will try to pay more attention - but there will be times when I am so zone'd out I'll miss the requests =/
Since passing the night is also a vanilla mechanic it shouldnt be too difficult imo. I know that there is the ability to configure majority sleeps in one of our pluggins already so doing that wouldnt be difficult. You are even able to customise the percentage of players who are required to be in bed for the night to pass (last time I checked).

That being said I think there needs to be the ability for players to object too so maybe a timer.. passing the night in 5 seconds etc...
After a lot of thought on this over the past few days, I am in agreeance with the majority who have posted here so far. It would be extremely unfair to force a night/day change on all players actively playing just to please the few. As munky said, passing the night is a vanilla mechanic, all players online just need to agree among themselves to do so. Part of the challenge of Minecraft is the Nighttime 'hours' (Nighttime only lasts for 7 minutes.) Having to worry about what just spawned around you and how to deal with it is part of the fun, in my opinion.
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