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Hello (application form)
Hey, my real name is Matt but you can call me Jim if you like as is my username Smile 
IGN: Jim_Pix
​Age: 20

No i have never been banned

What motivated me into joining your server rather than another? My friend Guac has told me about your server and how friendly everyone is, which not many servers are, and how amazing your server is.

​About myself? I love everything disney, dont judge...  Ive been playing minecraft for around 5 or 6 years now and still enjoying it. Im into DC series such as Supergirl, Arrow and Flash. I would say im more of a builder than anything in minecraft, i normally build big.. too big to get things finished haha.
​I agree with the rules.

​There are 4 gamemodes in minecraft: 
Adventure, survival, creative and spectator.
​My relationship with herobrine? Its difficult to say really.. Hes sometimes in the loving mood sometimes not so much..
am against any kind of hate crime and i would report it to the staff also take coords of where it is incase no one is online.
To make rabbit stew you shall need a bowl, potatoes, carrots, mushroom and rabbit
​Rule 5 is: 
You are free to build in the wild, away from other builds. 
​If i accidentally break​ someones build while mining i would leave a sign/note where i broke it a
pologizing and that it was me, also send them a message.

bspd ​(I didnt know where to put it)

​Thanks for your time, hope to hear from you soon! 

Hello Jim, thank you for your interest in VanillaCraft.  We have approved your application, and welcome you to our community!  

I can/will Whitelist you now, but I won't know for sure that everything works until you sign on and try to interact with the environment.  Please let us know if anything is askew.  Also, don't forget to check out our Discord!  Your invitation link will be shown to you once you log in for the first time.  If you cannot login, please PM me so that I know right away that you're having trouble. 

Again, welcome aboard!

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