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space station/ flying temple/port thing - floors
Currently building a floating space port thing as my base for this map. Currently about 1/2 up the sides, so looking at adding some floors to the place. unfortunately dont know what to build them out of.

current materials used so far are different coloured concrete for the shell, and stone bricks stairs going up the centre. Want to avoid concrete as the textures seem to merge if not careful.

Have had the suggestions of quartz and iron blocks. not sure if quartz would look too sterile, and currently dont have an iron farm to provide the vast amounts of iron that i would need.

i am thinking of stone slabs for the main hangar loevel, with yellow and black concrete hazard markers, but not sure if the slabs would look ok for the rest of the build.

Any ideas welcome
Can you take a couple of screenshots? Big Grin I'm a visual learner!
some ideas/ scale model should appear here... at some point (currently bad internet)
hi still looking for help with this

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