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iron farm level
so looking at making an iron farm soon.

thinking on putting it at the end of one of the runways/landing strips coming out from the central hub of the station.

​my connumdrum is this: at what level should i make the farm. my two options are to have the very top flush with the runway level, or to have the villager access level with the runway, so about half of the farm is sticking up.

​problem of the first idea would be harder access to the villagers (for trading) and the materials would be coming in lower, needing a thicking runway. could use redstone to bring the stuff up but that could break if i leave the chunk when its active (see mumbo's videos regarding his sorting system)

​other option would sort these issues out, but would stick up and might not look realistic (you dont normally stick a house at the end of a runway.most of the ships i am thinking on making are vtol, but there are some that land traditionally and theres always the thought of emergency landings.

thoughts welcome
Hi Still looking for help with this

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