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  • IGN: manunitedtt6
  • Age: 18
  • Have you ever been banned?: No
  • What motivated you into joining our server rather than another?: I've always enjoyed Vanilla mineraft servers over ones that are overloaded with plugins.
  • Tell us about yourself, what are your hobbies, favorite movies, games, etc.: Playing guitar, Spirited Away and TF2
  • I agree with the rules (Y/N): Yes
  • bspd
Tell us about your relationship with Herobrine.
He hasn't called back.

In your travels on the server you find that a player has constructed a large swastika, what are your thoughts on this?
Hope that it's an unfinished maze, if not then I'd report it to an Admin.

What is rule #5?
You are free to build in the wild, away from other builds. 

What would you do or say if another member started talking about politics or religion in a way that offended you?
Silently cry in a corner and hope they go away. But usually I would just let them state their point of view and if it warrented a response then I'd give one, otherwise there's no point getting into an argument online.

You're driving down a long dark road and suddenly see the Ban Hammer in the rear view mirror, what do you do?
Start writing a ban appeal.
Hello manunitedtt6, thank you for writing a perfect application; you've been accepted and whitelisted on our server.  Welcome aboard!
Oh, forgot to mention, if there's no one online, and you need to reach one of us outside the game, your best bet is via our Discord!

There is a link to it in-game if you issue the command /links
(04-03-2018, 06:57 AM)manunitedtt6 Wrote:
  • ...a really good application...

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