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Be A Part of VC History!!
so, is anyone else entering this round? want to get started on interior but want to know what im working with
I'm going to give until 11:59pm (US Eastern) on Saturday, August 26, 2017 for everyone to get their final designs in.

We will vote starting the next day and begin the next contest (which is interior design and layout) starting September 1st.
Hello People I just wanted to drop by and say hi and also was wondering if anyone would have an objection to putting the banner musuem inside of that giant hole where the statues are located i would include a picture but i don't really have any at the moment but if you would like to see it it's down the red tunnel in the nether hub just wanna see if anyone would like the idea of putting a musuem in this problem of a hole i got
is voting open or have i missed it? (been on holiday so been incommunicado for almost a week)
So who won the competition?
Did anything come of this?

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